Monday, March 12, 2018

Thank You to the Estate of Captain Henry R. Razmus, U.S. Marine Corps !!!!

The family of  Henry R. Razmus, Captain, United States Marine Corps. contacted Paradise of Samoa and shared that Captain Razmus, a long time Salem businessman, had served with honor in Samoa  and Micronesia during WWII.  During those years in the 1940's Captain Razmus had been ceremonially gifted three Samoan tapa cloths (circa 1900-1940)  and kiki (ceremonial skirts). He passed away in 2007.

 These were gifted to the Paradise of Samoa in order that the public has an opportunity to view them.  The tapa and skirts have huge historical significance and are rarely available to be seen now except at the Smithsonian and Bishop Museums. 

Paradise of Samoa is honored to ensure that the people of Oregon will be able to view these beautiful cultural items at the World Beat Samoan Cultural Booth June 30, and we thank the Robinson family for their support of Polynesian Culture on behalf of Captain Henry R. Razmus.

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