Friday, July 20, 2018



1. Chopped up chicken, pork or beef. 3/4 " cubes - (we like to use boneless dark chicken meat)
2. Vermicelli Noodles.  (may use Sun Luck rice vermicelli - our favorite)
3. 1 medium size Chopped Onion.
4.1 clove (or more !!) of Chopped Garlic -minced size
5. Soy sauce.  (we prefer Luriate DeLuxe Soysauce- Dark)

All of these ingredients are available at your local Asian Market.  Wal Mart and Safeway have the vermicelli

1. Soak the noodles with warm water in a pot to soften it. Cut through each package maybe 3 times to make the strands shorter and more manageable 
2. Cook the meat with onions and garlic until it's cooked through
3. Add the noodles and soy sauce to the cook meat, be careful with the soy sauce just enough to make the noodles a light brown color.
4. Cook it for 10 minutes. Stir every 3 minutes and sparingly add water to make it a little moist while the noodles are cooking.

Some people add a can of mixed vegetables, but Paradise of Samoa prefers to have their vegies to the side and we serve the Sapa Sui with Long Grain Rice, served Island Style.

Enjoy this simple recipe!!!!!!!!

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